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At Carlson Acres Training, we offer training that is tailored to you and your dog's needs. We use balanced training methods to help to your dog learn to be reliable as well as eager and willing to work with and for you.  We believe training should be fun and enjoyable for you and your dog!

If you are starting to see undesired patterns and behaviors, it is best to get started in a training program right away. The longer you wait, the more work and the longer it will take to change those undesired patterns and behaviors. We can help you dismantle it, rewire the behaviors, and get moving with the desired ones.


We would love to  help you and your dog reach your training goals.

Group Classes


Taking your dog to a group class at Carlson Acres is a fun way to work with your dog on a general set of behaviors and skills taught by our veteran trainer, Joshua. We have group classes for puppies and adults where we teach you, the pet parent, how to teach your dog; in a small group setting.
Classes are one (1) hour sessions over six (6) sessions.


puppY 101







Sometimes a set day each week just doesn't work into your schedule, or perhaps your dog will not do well in a class setting.

Carlson Acres offers private one-on-one lessons. In these lessons our veteran trainer Joshua will teach you how to teach your dog a desired/needed set of skills or behaviors over a predetermined number of lessons. 

We offer basics, intermediate, advanced skills training as well as behavior modifications lessons.

Private Lessons
Board & Train


The Board and Train program at Carlson Acres is conducted in a highly-structured environment while focusing on the desired/needed set of skills. Your dog will live/stay with us for at least two (2) weeks and be trained by our veteran trainer Joshua. Upon completion we will review your dogs newly acquired or improved skillset with you, and how to retain those skills

Our board and train program is ideal for puppies, busy owners, or dogs that need extra attention.

For owners, the Board and Training program is a great option if you are planning a vacation or if you’re too busy for group classes or private lessons and would prefer your dog be trained by us while staying at our resort.

Black Dog

Classes to begin Spring 2024
Private Training Available NOW!

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